Nancy  Branco-Drozdiak

Nancy Branco-Drozdiak


Royal LePage Credit Valley Real Estate, Brokerage*

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Nancy  Branco-Drozdiak

Nancy Branco-Drozdiak


Royal LePage Credit Valley Real Estate, Brokerage*

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"We had an extremely positive experience with Nancy Branco-Drozdiak. From the beginning, she was patient with us and listened carefully to what we wanted. She shared a lot of very helpful information and gave us great guidance in the home-buying process. She was excellent in her communications and negotiations with the selling agent, and she went above and beyond in giving us all kinds of information about the new city we were moving to. Not to mention, she seemed genuinely interested in making sure we understood everything in the whole process and didn’t get ourselves into any situations we might regret. It’s hard to imagine having gone through this process with any other real estate agent. Our young daughter keeps asking when we will visit Nancy again - she loved her! As did we! Thank you!"

- Elena V. & Jonathan E. - Brampton


"I recently had the pleasure of working with Nancy when looking for my new home. Nancy was extremely professional, responsive and always provided me with realistic advice. I would need more than a page to explain how amazing Nancy was throughout the entire home purchase process. Her greatest attribute, she listens and then asks thought provoking questions which insures you get what you really want. Nancy does not want to just find the perfect house to suit your needs, she wants to ensure that the house feels like a home you will love for many years to come. I am very fortunate to have had Nancy as a Realtor and I look forward to working with her on my next purchase."

- Cindy P. - Acton


"We had the pleasure of having Nancy as our realtor for selling our condo and buying our new family home. Even though the market was ambiguous, Nancy kept updating us on an ongoing basis. From promoting our listing, to following up with us regularly and after each viewing appointment, Nancy didn’t stop until we got a good offer and sold our condo. As a first time seller, Nancy was a great resource to rely on ensuring all conditions entered worked in our favour. Nancy then worked with us tirelessly until we found our family home. Once more, Nancy’s resourcefulness paid out when we agreed on all sale terms. Nancy’s referrals helped us greatly as we didn’t have to look around for resources from lawyers, brokers, and home inspectors. We are really glad we had Nancy on our side where lots of our time was dedicated to making decisions and focusing on our family rather than looking for resources. 

We highly recommend Nancy who we can describe in short as professional, humanistic, courteous, and supportive."

- Adel & Farah H. - Hamilton / London



"My family and I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Nancy to find our cottage. There is so many words that we can say that do not begin to explain how wonderful of an individual Nancy is. From house hunting to closing on your property, she has made it such a breeze and stress free. All the knowledge she has with everything will never go unseen. Nancy you are fantastic with what you do and very professional even during difficult situations. She is honest, caring, listens to all your needs and wants and much more. If you're in need for buying, selling, renting, whatever the case may be, Nancy is your person.  There was a time that we were having a difficult time with a house and let me tell you she can kill with her kindness. After we found our family cottage and we thought it was all over, Nancy still came through with helping out with all the knowledge of the town, with everything you can think of ie. Garbage days, things to do around town, contacts for all the housing hook ups..... Everything!!  She has built such a great foundation with our family that we would definitely recommend her to family and friends."

- Joao and Donna S. - Wasaga


"Coming to the decision to sell our condo during the COVID restrictions was not easy. I needed a representative who I could trust to follow all precautions in place at the condo building, get a fair price, and follow through respecting our needs as aging and health-challenged clients. Nancy Branco-Drozdiak exceeded all expectations. She viewed our lovely condo and make good recommendations to show the unit in its excellent condition, prepared a professional promotional booklet, and recommended we leave the unit for two weeks during showings to keep us safe and respect the condo COVID requirements. She recommended a fair listing price, and worked hard to find the right buyer for our condo, particularly a buyer who would enjoy the improvements we made to this exceptionally large apartment. The result was, she negotiated an "over asking" for our unit, a good closing date and even offered arrangements to help us pack to move. We received information to help us facilitate moving and closure of the deal. She visited the apartment after our move to ensure all was ready for the new owners. What more could she do - nothing. She was constantly keeping us up-to-date on activities on our listing and reassured us that we found a solid opportunity. She also ensured that all documentation was forwarded to the buyer's representative regarding the condo thus ensuring the legal completion of the sale went smoothly, which it did. Looking for the best in the business - ask Nancy to be your Realtor. I am sure your experience will be as successful and stress-free as mine."

- Carole and Dick B. - Brampton


"This has been some ride. We were only looking at moving down to the Mississauga, Brampton area when we saw an advertisement and popped into the Royal LePage office located at 10045 Hurontario Street, Brampton to see the agent who had the ad and was told that she was not available but that another agent might be able to help us. We said that would be fine and we are telling you our lives changed from that day forward. Nancy was pleasant and motivated to find us a home that we were even more enthused ourselves. She provided us with motivation to get our house on the market with an agent from our area up north and encouraged us not to despair when the house didn't sell in the first 6 months, so we took it off the market and relisted it in the spring of this year and this time it went very quickly with her constantly encouraging us not to give up and that we would sell, and that she would find us a home to our liking down in the Mississauga area. Well we looked and looked everywhere - from Milton, to Oakville, to Burlington. And finally on one of our last days looking, we saw three houses, and none were it. So the last one comes around, we look at the outside and we say, "We like it", then we go in. And both of us say, "We like it". We go through the whole house and have a look at the back yard and we say. "Yes, this is it. We love it!" Nancy, took us to see many houses, has so much patience, takes her time with you and treats you like family. If you want someone who cares about you and will find the home of your dreams, we suggest you give Nancy a try. We are sure you will not be disappointed as we are very happy with her service and genuine interest in you as a person - Nancy will do whatever she can to make you happy with your choice of home. Nancy goes the extra mile to make sure that you get all the things that you ask for - even when you think it's impossible. A definite number one choice for a Realtor that we would recommend."

- Robert and Trenia L. - Burlington


"Nancy is one of those rare individuals who does it right and does the right thing. I cannot say enough about how Nancy helped our family find the perfect home. I have bought and sold homes more times than I care to admit in my life but I have to say that Nancy truly made this experience the absolute best by far. She was incredibly responsive to our needs and preferences for our new home. Once we found the ideal home, that is where Nancy's work really began! Nancy has a unique touch and skill during negotiations so that all sides feel good about the price and terms of the agreement not an easy task these days! I really feel her personal touch with the sellers and selling agent helped us win the day on our offer. The house was a labour of love for the owner and I feel that they conceded on the modest price gap in the end because Nancy made them feel that we were the right family for this home. She was very diligent on any outstanding issues and commitments with the sellers and we took possession of our wonderful new home in literally flawless condition. We are so grateful for everything that Nancy did for us. She has been so thoughtful throughout the whole process and made our move into our new home such a special and wonderful experience. She took the stress out of everything and we always felt we were in the best hands. I would enthusiastically recommend Nancy to anyone buying or selling a home in the GTA. She is a consummate professional with a truly special personal touch. Thank you Nancy!"

- Frank P. - Toronto


"I knew it was time to sell my house after 56 wonderful years of living there as a young married couple, raising my family, having numerous family parties and entertaining my grandchildren. My home was always full of love and it was a tough decision, but necessary, to sell. My daughters met a couple of real estate agents and 'knew' that Nancy was 'our person' after the initial meeting. They said that they danced a happy dance in the kitchen just because everything about Nancy was so right for me and my well-loved home. From that initial meeting, Nancy obviously understood the love that had always filled my home. Signs, lock-boxes, open house dates, picture brochures, legal information and potential selling dates were organized. Nancy's thorough communication enabled me to feel easier and more comfortable with leaving my home. Each time we met, I felt relaxed and comfortable asking question after question. I never felt rushed and recognized that Nancy spoke clearly so I could hear every word. Over coffee, Nancy listened as I told her about my family and I felt a closeness to her that really isn't explainable. She is a lovely person who definitely knows how to sell a home! My home sold in under 48 hours, didn't require an open house and went for above the asking price. Throughout the entire process, Nancy was considerate of my feelings about selling and would ask me or my daughter questions to ensure I was OK with everything that seemed to be happening quickly. We are so lucky to have found Nancy quite by accident on the internet and would highly recommend her to anyone considering selling/buying a house. We didn't realize that selling my home could connect us with someone on a personal as well as a professional level. Nancy brings out the best in people. Everyone should meet her!

- Evelyn M. - Brampton


"This was the first time I found myself buying a home on my own. Nancy was amazing in helping me navigate everything that comes with such a purchase. Once I told her what I could afford, I immediately started to receive listings that were affordable and not a waste of time to look at. Nancy has amazing contacts for what a home buyer needs, from the lawyers to the home inspectors and everything in between. She was an absolute God-Send. If you are looking to buy or sell a property, you cannot do any better than having Nancy on your side."

- Ronald B. - Georgetown


"Selling our home was very important when Nancy was chosen as our primary Realtor. As a realtor, Nancy worked her hardest to get our home sold for the very best and most satisfactory price that we, her clients, would be most comfortable with. After putting our home on the market, week after week Nancy has proven to be a best seller of homes as she kept reviewing the home for what she could do differently in order to not let our home sit for extremely long periods of time - regardless of what the market was and where it was going. Nancy went to extreme lengths in doing her very best to make sure our home was looking up to standard and to have gotten the very best reviews so that our home was able to be sold for top dollars. I would not hesitate in recommending Nancy Branco-Drozdiak to my friends, family and anyone I come into contact with who is in need of buying or wanting to sell their home. Thank you."

- Rose T. - Toronto


"Nancy Drozdiak is truly exceptional. I was impressed with her level of knowledge and how she went well above and beyond to help get the house up on the market for sale.  Nancy was ALWAYS available for questions, information, and home tours. She really treated the situation like she was selling her own property – and always had my best interests in mind.  Her promptness, knowledge of the market, strategic mindset, kindness, and positive good vibes made a potentially difficult divorce sale extremely simple.  I’m so thankful for her."

- Michele F. - Mississauga


" Nancy was a great help to us when we decided to sell our home of more than 30 years. She gave us points and advised us of on what buyers were looking for and what was expected of us as sellers. She was available for us whenever we needed her. It was not easy for us seniors to have strangers walking through our home. It was also hard when appointments were cancelled at the last minute or when other realtors were late or just did not show up at the appointed time. She was very helpful, conscientious and reliable at ALL times. I have recommended her to my friends. Thank you Nancy"

- Lorraine and Gerald C. - Brampton


"I am writing to you with regard to the recent sale of my home on 1247 Gryphon Mews in Mississauga. In this note, I would like to express my overwhelming satisfaction on how this sale was handled by Mrs. Nancy Drozdiak, of Royal LePage Credit Valley Real Estate.

Along with being an incredibly competent and efficient Real Estate Agent, I was highly impressed and beyond grateful for the amount of compassion, integrity and intelligence that she displayed. Recently moving into a retirement home for the first time, the sale of my long time home was a sad and difficult one. Nancy held my hand through the entire process, carefully ensuring that I was completely comfortable and happy with each and every step. Every detail was handled not only exceptionally thoroughly and professionally, but also with extreme loving care. She is truly just a lovely individual. Nancy went above expectation without hesitation, to make my sale stress-free and a positive experience for me.

I am pleased to say that on behalf of my family and I, we are beyond pleased and very grateful to have had this experience and outcome with the beloved family home. I would without hesitation highly recommend Nancy to anyone who is looking for a loyal, dedicated and efficient Agent. We have been blessed to share this experience with her. A heartfelt thank you to Nancy, whose guidance and hard work has brought much needed closure and peace back to my life."

- Helen M. – Mississauga


"Nancy Drozdiak recently assisted my mother with the sale of her house at 1247 Gryphon Mews in Mississauga. As my mother has indicated in the letter, the family was exceptionally pleased with the success of the sale and the time and more so, the devoted attention in which she provided my mother with. This was a very difficult sale for my mother and I personally would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to Nancy for going above and beyond in making her feel comfortable with the entire process, and even ecstatic with the results of the sale.

We truly could not have worked with a better, more professional, thorough and caring agent. I will most definitely recommend Nancy to others and I look forward to working with her again soon!"

- Caroline B. – Mississauga


"I met with numerous real estate agents before listing my house. Each time there was something that held me back, that didn’t feel quite right. Then I met Nancy and I knew why – we clicked the moment we met. It was evident to me right away that Nancy was in a class of her own. Nancy exhibits numerous strengths but the ones that most standout are her honesty and integrity. She was always organized, prepared and very professional Above all, she always had a smile and exuded a calmness about her that provided me reassurance, confidence and trust in her. She answered calls and responded to my numerous texts immediately. For someone parting ways with a home we lived in for seventeen years it was not only a stressful but emotional time. Yet Nancy always had a very strong shoulder to lean on.

Every home seller wants peace of mind when selling one of their most important possessions and Nancy amazed me with outstanding results. Not only did we sell in a matter of days with multiple offers, we sold 5½% over listing price.

It is difficult to imagine that one person could become such an integral part of our lives – agent, stager, magician and most of all a lifetime friend. Quite simply,- there is no other agent I would consider to handle my real estate matters in the future. And most importantly of all, she hugs like she means it! Nancy my gratitude goes beyond words."

- Ann Marie C. – Mississauga


"This was our second remarkable experience putting our faith in Nancy, and she delivered beyond our expectations yet again. I do not even know where to begin when I speak about all the amazing qualities that Nancy possesses. From initial contemplation of selling our home through to becoming settled in our new home, Nancy was there to guide the way.
Never did we experience a lapse in communication as to what was going on. Whenever we had concerns or were questioning our options, she offered professional advice paired with genuine sincerity. She was always only a call, email, or text away. Nancy truly went above and beyond to get the job done on weekends and even late nights. Her attention to detail in providing instructions proved to be incredibly useful as we were often out of the city when paper work needed signing.
All in all, I can only hope that for our third home Nancy will make the trip to once again be our realtor. I can't image doing it with anyone else."

- Stephanie and Daryl J. – Mississauga / St. Thomas


"Nancy is without a doubt a consummate professional. She single handedly guided me through the sale of my home. We had less than 2 weeks to get the property listed and Nancy worked tirelessly, until all hours of the morning, to help me get this done. Once listed, she was able to bring in buyers almost immediately and within ten days I accepted an offer over asking. As a chartered accountant, I have run into many real estate agents and I would still only refer Nancy. You simply won't do any better!"

- Ron B. - Mississauga


"Nancy was helpful, attentive and supportive from the very start of our journey to find our first home. She was always available to answer any questions or just to bounce ideas off of. We will recommend her to anyone who needs an agent. Thank you Nancy for all of your efforts and hard work, you definitely made this process a lot easier than I'm sure it could have been."

- Matt and Tia S. - Brampton


"It was a pleasure working with Nancy in selling our home. She demonstrated a high level of professionalism every step of the way, as well as a strong work ethic, integrity, and trustworthiness. She invested a significant amount of time and funds in an effort to market our home in the most effective way possible. The brochure she prepared to showcase our home was amazing and demonstrated her outstanding attention to detail. She was also extremely helpful and resourceful in helping us prepare our house for sale, including excellent suggestions about furniture placement, de-cluttering and home repairs. Thanks to Nancy's efforts, our home sold in one week! She made every effort to represent our interests first in selling our home and in negotiating the best terms possible to satisfy our needs. We would not hesitate to recommend Nancy to anyone needing the services of a real estate professional. Thanks again, Nancy. You made the process of selling our home practically stress-free!"

- Elinor and Gino I. – Brampton


"Nancy, It seems hard to believe that we started our real estate journey almost one year ago. In making the decision to proceed with the sale of our parent's home under your guidance, we gained not only a real estate agent, but a strong voice for our family. You went above and beyond - no matter whether we were sorting things, getting ready for garage sales, renovating or reviewing offers, you were enormous support to us. We began with a strategy and you delivered on that strategy. Your understanding of every aspect of the business was a great asset to us and your calm, thoughtful approach is a huge benefit in a process that can be very emotional. We can't thank you enough. We will absolutely recommend you to anyone we know who is looking in the area, or is thinking about moving on. 

- Elizabeth and Susan L. – Brampton


"Once again, Nancy blew me away with her service! I have had the pleasure of working with her in the past, as a buyer, at which time she expertly negotiated a deal in an extremely time-sensitive transaction.
This time Nancy represented me as a seller, and consistently demonstrated her commitment to my best interests. As expected, her expertise, general professionalism, and attention to detail was too-notch.
If you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, and competent professional, look no further."

- Nick S. - Brampton


"When we decided it was time to think about selling our home, we called Nancy Branco-Drozdiak to come over and give us some information. From the moment she set foot in our home, we could tell by her honest and professional nature that she had to be the one to help us through this process. We have never looked back. Selling your home can be a bit of a whirlwind, and so it is important to pick the right person to help you along the journey. When I say “the right person”, what I mean is….you need Nancy. Does your Realtor call you just to “check-in”, to make sure that all of your questions are answered 100% of the time? Do they text you to ensure you have up-to-the-minute facts at your fingertips? Meet you at her office at midnight so you can sign important papers? Source out the best-priced company on your behalf, to help you move and store your stuff? Bring you boxes for your move? Bring you a coffee while you pack?! Offer to help you get set up in your new place even after the deal has closed? We were respected and well cared for, and Nancy exceeded our expectations along every step of the way. Most importantly, she knew how to price our house right, and represent our best interests so our house could sell for the best possible price. If you are considering selling your home, you would be CRAZY not to have Nancy as your Realtor. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all you have done for us Nancy, we are truly eternally grateful."

- Mike & Robyn – Brampton


"Good evening Mr. Sessford,
Thank you for taking the time to write to Nancy, and for allowing her to share our letter with her future clients. At Royal Le Page we are very proud to have Nancy as one of our top Agents and it really is because of the the amazing service she gives to all her clients. You can rest assured that anyone you may refer to Nancy will be just as pleased as you are with her professional results.
On a personal note please allow me to wish you many years of happiness in your new home and thank you for choosing Nancy and Royal LePage Credit Valley."

- Ron Rouse, Broker of Record


"I wanted to thank you again for your outstanding performance in helping close the sale of my new home. Even though the circumstances were highly irregular, your expertise and professionalism shone through as we overcame each obstacle. I am very appreciative of your knowledge in the field, your impressive network of contacts and associates, and was completely taken aback with your availability and response times to emails, texts and phone messages.
I should add that your calming demeanor and attention to detail combined very well, to absolutely minimize the massive levels of stress typically associated with such a major purchase.

You did an incredible job, and I hope you are able to forward this message to "the powers that be" within your corporation, or at least present it to potential clients as a testament to your exceptional performance.

I sincerely hope we will be able to work together again in the future, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of a professional such as yourself."

- Nicholas S. – Brampton


"Nancy has helped us find 2 great homes and sell 1. She is attentive, honest and passionate about what she does. We appreciate her knowledge, insight and preparedness and look forward to working with her again!"

- Matthew and Tia S. - Brampton


"Our son used Nancy Branco-Drozdiak as his Realtor when purchasing his first home. She was exceptionally helpful throughout the process making it easier for him as a first-time buyer.  Having seen her professionalism, we chose Nancy during the purchase of our second home.  Nancy delivered our offer in person even though it was out of town.  Following this she assisted us in decluttering and staging to prepare our home for the market.  Her devotion to go above and beyond was seen when she helped until after midnight before our scheduled photo shoot.

With her guidance, we sold our house in less than 30 hours from the moment it was listed and well over asking. Overall, my wife and I are extremely grateful for her enthusiasm and dedication as we could not have accomplished this transition without her."

- Scott W and Carole T. - Brampton / Cambridge


"I had the great pleasure of working with Nancy Branco-Drozdiak once again but this time around it was to purchase my dream home. I had worked with Nancy approximately six years ago to sell my condominium town home that had become unmanageable to fit my lifestyle. We had met through a mutual acquaintance and although she did not know me that well, she certainly had a lot of experience and knowledge both as a realtor and a home owner. She worked patiently and diligently always available to answer my concerns or questions at any time. Nancy was honest about some minor changes that I needed to make in my townhome and price adjustments to attract buyers and her advice worked like a charm creating a bid of multiple offers. Her calm demeanor, flexible and approachable nature made it not only easy for me as the seller but also for potential buyers. She sold my condominium home within a very short period of time at more than the asking price. But our relationship did not end there, as she continued providing support up until move day with tips and ideas on a smooth transition into my rental apartment that she helped me find. I have worked with other realtors in the past but Nancy stood out because she treated me as more than just a client by taking the time to get to know me to gain a better understanding of my needs/expectations rather than relying on factual information; and she certainly demonstrated vast knowledge of the housing market in Brampton.

In 2015, I was ready to buy a home again except this time around I wanted to ensure that the next home I purchased suited my lifestyle and gave me the flexibility I needed in my budget to allow for other comforts of life. I contacted Nancy in the Fall of 2015 to start sending me listings of condominium apartments in my area that would meet specific criteria such as easy access to transit for work, shopping malls and grocery stores, amenities that were important to me in a well-managed and maintained building etc. Her listings targeted most of my wish list and narrowed down my search so that it was not overwhelming and gave me a good idea of the current market price for properties within my range.

Throughout the search process Nancy always showed enthusiasm and never once hesitated to schedule a showing as soon as possible and was quick to request information on my behalf from either the seller or their agent after the showing so that I can make a better decision on whether an offer should be put forward after considering all of the relevant facts. I never felt pressured by Nancy to make an offer on a home that I was not comfortable with just to make a quick sale even with a looming deadline to close by January 2016.

When I did decide on a home that I really liked and just knew it was the one, Nancy wasted no time to help me put an offer together and worked hard on providing me with a list of comparable properties so that we made a sound offer that would move us forward in the negotiation process. Much to my delight, and a master at negotiating, she was able to make a successful offer that was under my max budget without compromising on any pertinent details such as home inspection, financial conditions, closing date and final inspection. Nancy acting on my behalf and in my best interest, fought hard to ensure that the seller fixed any issues we had indicated in the offer prior to closing. In addition, she guided me throughout the closing process, making it as stress free as possible by providing me with reminders and a checklist to ensure that nothing important was missed.

It has almost been a year now since I have happily settled in my new home and still with no regrets. I have everything I need to enjoy living here and much to my surprise as far as condominium apartments go, friendly neighbours that make you feel like you belong to an elite community.

I am lucky to have found Nancy as my realtor and the outcome with her has always been a positive one. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an individual or family home to meet their unique situation given her technical background in creating attractive listings, superior customer service, ethical code of conduct and professionalism in any circumstance to turn your dream into a reality."

- Simonelle L. - Brampton


"Our story on purchase and sale,

After a medical condition, Joe’s driver license was suspended for a year. A 60 km ride on a bicycle was not going to get him to work. We were forced to relocate. By chance, the next door neighbour from where Joe was temporarily staying happened to be a Royal LePage Sales Representative. We asked Nancy Branco-Drozdiak for help. WOW!!!

Nancy was GREAT! She took us to A LOT of houses, trying to find a home and neighbourhood balance that we were looking for. She DID IT!

Now was time to list our house. AMAZING comes close. Nancy took time to photograph, create and print the best brochure we have ever seen. Open house was a total success. Our house sold in 2 days at 98% of asking price.

It was extremely enjoyable to work with Nancy. We were very pleased with the amazing brochure, flower arrangements, patience, professionalism and time that Nancy dedicated to us. Her attention to detail, research, and knowledge were comforting.

Nancy went to great lengths to make us happy when packing and moving. She was there for us when we were tired and hungry. We grew to love her.

Nancy is more than just an agent. She is a FRIEND who really CARES.

We very much appreciate all Nancy has done for us.

We wish her only the best."

- Joe M. and Bozena A. - Scarborough / Brampton


"Our first meeting with Nancy was at an open house - there and then after talking to her, we knew we had found the right Realtor. She made sure to ask me and my husband what we were looking for and carefully understood our needs. Nancy took time to understand our needs and gave us the space and guidance to work through the decision-making process. Thanks to her pro-active approach, hard-work and dedication, we got a beautiful property as our first Home. Nancy was an absolute pleasure to work with and we are glad we chose her as our Realtor. If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent, look no further.

Nancy, thank you for all your help and support."

- Simar and Shweta B. – Brampton


"Words cannot express how much we appreciate everything you have done for us. From helping us find the "Perfect Home", to your wonderful advice on how to get our home ready to sell and making the move as smooth and easy as possible. Out of all the Realtors, none of them can compare with your level of professionalism, your ways of being so supportive and compassionate. We couldn't have done any of this without "YOU". Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. And I assure you, we will definitely recommend you to everyone we know looking to buy or sell, so that they can experience the wonderful and great Realtor that you are!"

- Josephine and Shanna G. - Brampton


"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Nancy. Right from when we met Nancy, we were amazed with her level of professionalism and commitment when working on renting out our property. Nancy took great effort to quickly understand our requirements and in just a matter of weeks we had several prospective tenants interested. Nancy has a strong attention to detail and strives to ensure client expectations are met at all times. She is open, organized and carries a strong work ethic. We would love to recommend Nancy to others. Thank you Nancy – you do a great job!"

- Tushar and Priya M. – Mississauga


"My husband and I were very pleased with the outstanding performance received by our Realtor Nancy Branco-Drozdiak. We have known Nancy for many years, but never had the opportunity to obtain her services as a Realtor. We placed a call to Nancy and asked if she would come by the house as we were looking at selling our home. Later that evening, after her busy day, she came by our home and provided an evaluation of the premises. We listed our home with Nancy that very night. Within one day of listing, we already had people interested in viewing the property. She hosted an open house that following week-end and on Monday we were presented with an offer. Nancy’s professional pictures and feature booklet of our home was priceless. We have purchased and sold homes in the past and were never treated as valued clients. Nancy was the opposite - she was with us every step of the way and always looked out for our interests. Our home sold within a two week period and she still calls and follows up on all aspects of the property - making sure we are doing well and if there is anything she can do to make this transition period run as smoothly as possible.

Nancy has hit higher ground as a Realtor in my eyes and we would highly recommend her services to all. We are clients for life."

- Gail and Anthony B. – Brampton


"In attempts to find our new home, we visited an Open House in our area of interest - this is where we met Nancy for the first time. As we toured through the home, she was able to provide detailed information regarding the house and addressed all of our questions with ease. Nancy provided us with a feature booklet that she had created to promote the property that was taken home to review and share with family. The presentation was featured beautifully, giving a great sense of everything the property had to offer and also allowing us to envision our family moving into this home.

Not only had we decided that this was the home for us, but we also wanted Nancy to represent our interests. Throughout the entire process, we have been very pleased with her knowledge, diligence, punctuality and attention to detail - if a question was asked, the answer would shortly follow. She continues constant communication to ensure that everything is moving along according to plan. We would not hesitate to recommend Nancy and her services to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home - they would certainly be in good hands. Thank you for a delightful experience."

- Terry and Christine H. - Scarborough


"We are writing this testimonial from Vancouver, BC after having purchased our future home in Calendon ON. Nancy was our realtor. It was Nancy with her ever present patience for our “long distance” inquires and demands, and her willingness to work around our travel schedule, that got our 4 months long house hunting completed with satisfaction. What impressed us, apart from her professional know-how expertise, was her wonderful friendly personality, her prompt effective communication with all parties to make things work for us.

We would love to recommend Nancy to our friends, as well anyone who is needing a realtor."

- B.Wang and T.Shi – Vancouver / Caledon


"Embarking upon the hunt for our first home in a new city, we coincidantly called Nancy off a random home on the internet and knew in an instant she was the 'one'. Nancy of course, not that particular home. She answered all of our 'first time home buyer' questions, directed us through the process, instantly replied to calls/emails we sent, and stood by her word to ensure that each and every detail was completed to perfection. Nancy did not seek to just sell us any house; she wanted to work with us until we found the 'right one'.

Honestly, finding a genuine individual that not only helped us find our new home, but held our hands through the entire process; we feel that not only have we found an agent for life who we would recommend to our friends, but we have found a friend in Nancy.

We have been truly blessed to have such an honest, hard-working, and loyal individual to assist us down the road of homeownership."

- Daryl J. and Stephanie G. – Mississauga 


"As a new home buyer, Nancy was able to help me identify what the best home decision was for me.
I was quite anxious about the process, but Nancy was patient and persistent in exactly the right amounts.
My new home is perfect for my needs and I look forward to applying my personal touches.
Thanks Nancy...awesome job!"

- Elisa B. - Brampton


"Nancy Branco-Drozdiak provided superb service as our Real Estate Agent this summer while we were selling our parents’ home. We needed to prepare and sell the home very quickly and Nancy jumped right in giving us excellent advice every step of the way. She was always available, supportive and highly knowledgeable. These attributes helped mitigate much of the stress of the situation. She helped us with so many things that seemed outside of the purview of a Real Estate Agent. She was always calm and reassuring and importantly she was very professional in all of her interactions with other parties involved in the sale of the house.

As a result of Nancy’s outstanding service the sale of our parents’ home was very quick and very successful. Nancy made it all happen. Thanks Nancy for your excellent work!"

- The Flinns - Vancouver, Ottawa, Brampton


"I am writing to express how happy and delighted I am that Nancy Branco-Drozdiak was referred to me by a friend to be my Realtor. She was extremely meticulous and detail oriented throughout the entire process while maintaining her sincerity and professionalism at all times.

I had previously listed my home for sale through another Realtor however; we were unsuccessful in making a firm sale. But once Nancy was assigned to the task, she immediately took a great interest and brought creative ideas to the table. She created professional signs for clear instructions on how to secure and arm the house after a showing and even took the initiative to make sure things were in order at the end of the day while making the necessary follow ups with agents. She designed a flyer that highlighted the main features of the house along with the listing details which I truly believe left an impression on interested buyers. It was shortly after that we started to receive offers and to my surprise we had multiple offers and I was able to sell my home for more than the asking price with a short closing - which I had very much hoped for. She was able to achieve all of my goals within only a few weeks of listing. Nancy demonstrated a thorough understanding of the contract details, negotiation etiquette and documentation.

Nancy was always prompt in returning my phone calls if I had questions or clarifications. Even after I had sold she touched base with me to ensure things went smoothly with my moving plans and was more than willing to assist whenever she was able to, thus making her very personable and a genuine Realtor going above and beyond the call of duty.

In addition to selling my home, I had also sourced Nancy's Realtor services in finding me a rental condo apartment. This was a great challenge since we had less than a few weeks to find a place I could call home before closing. However, with Nancy’s efforts and commitment to meeting her client's needs while keeping their best interest in mind; she had no difficulty in finding me a wonderful rental home. It included all of the items on my wish list and met my budget constraints. Once again, Nancy was able to tap into her resources so quickly and outdid herself when presenting my offer.

I would highly recommend Nancy as your Realtor as she values and takes pride in the work she does as well as makes you feel like you are her only client while working her hardest to meet your needs. Her caring, calm, patient and understanding nature made this entire nerve-wracking process and change very comfortable and easy for me."

- Simonelle L. – Brampton


"We had the pleasure of both buying and selling property with the help of Nancy.

While finalizing the deal for buying our house, we found her to be an excellent negotiator, extremely patient and very hardworking. Nancy also helped stage our condo and had a virtual tour done by a professional. She was great in advertising it and also held an open house. This helped us get a competitive price for our condo.

All we can say is that the experience was effortless!! Nancy is highly organized and detailed. She follows-up and follows through. Her advice is well thought out and she allows you time to make your own decision. She wants what's best for you.

Nancy went out of her way to also provide us with contact numbers & estimates from recommended companies for moving, storage and temporary accommodations since there was a gap between the two closing dates.
We were highly impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and warm personality. She consistently kept us informed of all the updates. All correspondence was done quickly and accurately. We are grateful to her for making this transition comfortable for us on so many levels.

We also appreciate being able to contact Nancy at any time to express our concerns. It was a pleasure having such a fun and relaxed person to deal with!

Once again please accept our thanks and gratitude for everything you have done for us. We would highly recommend Nancy to anyone."

- Raja and Manu G. - Brampton


"Nancy is passionate about what she does. Nancy was the listing agent for the condo I bought. I bought the condo as an investment for my Uncle. When it came time to find a renter, my agent recommended I find a tenant through Nancy. He, my agent, was very impressed with her dedication and professional manner. I am very happy I took his advice. Nancy went out of her way to help me find a suitable tenant, and went above and beyond to fit in with my hectic schedule. Her demeanor is pleasant and fun......a definite plus! Thanks Nancy. I will highly recommend you to my friends and acquaintances."

- Maureen B-D., Oshawa


"Our journey with Nancy in finding our new home was beyond our expectations. We moved from Vancouver to Toronto in the month of August. We started searching for a place in Toronto back in May. Being in Vancouver while searching for a home in Toronto was a daunting task. My husband and I began our search for a Realtor and came across few Realtors to choose from. After speaking to more than 10 Realtors over the phone, we found Nancy to be the most knowledgeable.

Right from the beginning, Nancy understood our requirements and started providing us listing details which were well suited as per our needs. We only had 3 weeks to find a place. Nancy was fully committed to us and spent a whole weekend with me driving around the Brampton and Milton area. We ended up looking at 30 houses in 2 days!! She provided us with her expert feedback on every showing appointment we had done. We placed an offer to purchase the very next day on a house we liked, with competing offers, and it went through!.

Nancy helped us in every way to have our long distance move as smooth as possible by continuously communicating with us and providing us with the necessary information we needed - such as finding a local Real Estate Lawyer, setting up utility accounts and finding us a contractor to set up a gas line in our kitchen.

I have dealt with a few Realtors in the past and I would have to say that Nancy is by far the best of anyone I have dealt with. I would highly recommend her to anyone for their Realtor needs."

- Saima & Shakil S. – Surrey / Brampton


"To The Members of Royal LePage,

My husband and I decided to sell our house and we didn’t really know which real estate company to use. As it turned out, a week before we made our decision, a business card was in the mailbox. The name on the card was Nancy Branco-Drozdiak.

We gave her a call and she came over to our house that night. She was very pleasant and very polite; I liked her instantly She gave us some background on herself and her company, also some pamphlet’s about the company. We looked them over and after meeting Nancy, we were confident she was the one we wanted to sell our house. Nancy was truly amazing. She helped with the staging of the house and anything we needed done - she had contact numbers for everyone. This helped us greatly because we didn’t know where to start.

She had 9 open houses for us to get this house sold - her efforts were incredible!

She worked very hard for us and as we got to know her, we came to know what a great person she is. There were times when I didn’t understand some things and she would not leave until she was confident I knew what was happening.

We will recommend her and your company to everyone we know. Thank You."

- Wenda and Gary R. – Brampton


"This is to describe the wonderful experience I had with Nancy Branco-Drozdiak during the sale of my house located in Mississauga.

She has been very professional and honest. She has done a great job throughout the whole process from the market analysis, house staging and preparation for sale, open houses and showings until the closing date and even beyond that. She has been very helpful. I would very highly recommend her without any reservation."

-Dr. M. Mitwally, Mississauga

Forever Your Home ... the home where your dreams become reality and memories made for years to come.

I am dedicated to assisting the community of people I serve. My attention to detail is key to provide the best possible outcome for the clients as well as ensuring integrity is always intact. I truly value the opportunity to represent my clients, assisting with their needs during and after the transition, bringing knowledge and empathy as needed as well as any hand holding that may be required to ensure that every step of the process is understood. It is imperative that trust can be established to help rid any reservations they may have about hiring an agent or about the entire process altogether. 
It is my privilege to assist you with this transition, your next chapter in home ownership - I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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Specialty: Residential

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